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I walk in the garden upon the blue skies, tweeting birds and a curve of the rainbow. My morning never be like this before, because this is the first time I see that stunning girl, sitting there, on the grass without worrying her skirt get dirty. Unconsciously, I stop walking. Still and rigid. I almost forget to breathe. But, I make her as my motivation for inhaling and back alive.
In the next stage, after being so hard dying for breathing, I took five paces toward her. But well, it still needs about dozen paces to get in there—the normal distance for someone can possibly talk, gently, with a girl. But, I still that is the best I can do. No more moving feet or maybe I will faint in the third continuing step.
Oh god, I know that the rainbow never touches the earth. So, she is. But let me see you in the next rain at least.

One Paragraph Story – Old Man in Angkot

An injured old man in angkot

           I met an injured old man incidentally in angkot when I was going home to Soreang. He wore simple and worn clothes. He looked like covered his tired and pain behind his smile when he looked at me, the one who sat next to him, while some of the passenger was trying to glance to his injured foot. A few minutes later, a man who sat front of me asked to the old man about his injured feet. The old man answered that he was a construction worker until he got a work accident two weeks ago, a fallen rock broke his feet and he would go to the hospital on that day. That story made some of us felt compassion and gave him a few rupiahs at least for his fare. Finally, I came out from angkot and he thanked me again for the fare that I gave.