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[Research Finding] College Music Festival: Another Perspective

“A Physics Major Student Found a New Physics Theory of Gravity while Organizing a Reggae Music Festival!”

“A Medical Student Found a Special Chemical for Human Immortality after Presenting a Success Music Concert”

Said no journalist on the headline of any newspaper, ever.

Well, some students tend to be so sarcastic and cynic when we talk about college music festival. Well, it is reasonable because there is a tendency that some Unpad student held a music event that doesn’t have any relation with their major and also not relevant to their status as college students.

And on the other hand, we should realize that the student has a freedom to make their own movement–not always a movement related to their specific major only, it could be music or the other kind of art. And I also realize that the one who could possibly make music as a media is not the student of the music major only.

Nowadays, student’s music festival becomes so much popular, especially among Unpad student. With so many different concepts and contents, each student organization and community tries to hold the most beneficial and popular music concert or festival around the campus.

Some students think that organizing music event should not become our big concern because it does not have relation with our responsibility as a college student. They don’t see a necessity for students who organizing a music festival. But actually, there are so many important things for us as a student to hold a music festival, but of course, a festival that is relevant for us as a college student.

However, regarding our status as a student, does it still make a right thing for us to give a massive concern to organize a music event? And how can be this music festival having the same values with the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi* as our indicator as a college student?

Since a music become a big industry which has so many people that included in it, we should use this most popular art as a media to promote and campaign social issues. According to the third Tridharama Perguruan Tinggi, i.e Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, if we use the music festival as a media to promote a good movement, we can also make a big impact on society.

Just like the Unpad FISIP Folk Fest did, the committee made the music festival to promote traditional culture. They showed that traditional cultures such as the traditional dance, music instrument, and children’s games were also quite interesting and valuable if it was presented as professional as they can. They’ve been successfully sending their message to many students who attended the festival that our traditional culture could possibly compete with the other popular culture.

Besides using the music as a media to promote a movement, music can also become a fundraising or even, some festival music share their profit for the charity.

One of them is LIGHT 2016, a music festival held by Industrial Engineering Unpar student. This Music festival gave their profit to Panti Sosial Bina Netra Wiyata Guna. Moreover, it is not only about the money, even before the main guest star, Raisa, performed, they also gave a chance for Wiyata Guna’s Band to performed first. It showed so much respect for them and also helping them had more confident in their real life. This kind of music festival is not only supporting the unlucky one but also giving so much real life-lesson for us as a college student about sharing.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 21.55.41.png

Moreover, based on my survey concerning the student’s music festival, most of the student agrees that student music festival is important. From 122 students who taking the survey, 60,7% voters agree that student music festival is important, 22% agree that it is not important, and 14,6% voters agree that it is very important.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 21.56.06The other statistic in my survey also showed that most of the student agree that Student music festival should not be just a ‘music festival’. It should have some social issues or the charity event so the music festival could be something relevant to our status as the college student. The last data showed that an ideal music festival for the student is a music festival that is useful for the society. This data showed that most of the student having a relevant concept about what music festival is.

So, for the conclusion, the student music festival is a very important thing to concern by the college student. Even though, some students think that organizing a music festival is unimportant and irrelevant for us as the college students. That kind of opinion is caused by their view that only sees the music festival as the music concert only.

More than that, there are so many positive things in it if only the music festival itself could be the media to promote or campaign a social movement or become the fundraising for the needy. If we do those things well, the student music festival would be something that relevant to our status as the college student and to the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi.

If Einstein were still alive, perhaps Einstein would agree with the idea of making music as a media to promote his special relativity theory to make more people understand what he means. And if Giordano Bruno** were still alive too, I’d rather believe that he would support the Heliocentric theory by presented a rock music concert with a tagline “Rock Orbiting the Sun, and We Earth*** the Rock”. There would be a big chance that he would not burn to death–like what happened to him before because there would be so many rock fans and musician who would stand by his side.


* Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi: Pendidikan (Education); Penelitian (Research); and Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (Social Dedication).

** Giordano Bruno supported the Copernican view – the view that the earth orbits the sun, and that the earth is not the center of the universe. Eventually, the Pope decided that Bruno was a heretic, with the result that he was burned at the stake in Rome.

*** ‘Earth’ means ‘Are’ too in the tagline.


  1. “In Defense of Being Average” by Mark Manson
  2. The Statistics data from my survey via Google Form. link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yoAAaUXa18BTUMMlbGfRvjmzY-D99fExS2X3IJfFNus/edit?usp=sharing