Balada Salah – Salahan

Riuh rusuh
Sesama kita
Ya! Sesama berarti sama, bukan?
Ya! Kita berati aku dan kalian yang serupa bukan?
Bukan? Lalu kita saling mulai menyalahkan


Memang salah siapa?
Mungkin ini salah si pulan?
Salah? Mungkin ini salah si anu?
Salah! Tidak si anu, tidak si pulan
Yang salah itu orang yang menyalahkan orang!
Hei, tunggu!
Namun kita sendiri menyalahkan orang yang menyalahkan orang
Ini salah kita
Hakimi hak kami
Riva Perdana Sidi
27 Desember 2014

A kind of autobiography.

As an innominate legend, it is a usual condition if all of you, the anonymous reader, don’t know who I am or even just to hear my name before. Rather, it is not important at all to know who I am. I am just another normally person who sleep at night and wake up because light. The exception is if the person, an innominate legend, becomes a legend from the unknown list. It’s rather important for you, the reader, to know me. It’s some advantage for you who read this autobiography or a kind of it. You know the ‘’legend’‘ before that ”legend“ becomes a true legend.

My name is Riva Perdana Sidi. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I was born at September 14th 1996. I am eighteen years old. I have interest for music and football and just don’t ask me my idea, please. But well, if you require me to answer that question, I will answer it. I just want to be a person that however, his presence can affect the world he lives on even just a little bit.

It’s been two paragraphs only I wrote. Well, now I am getting tired to pretend that I am a professional novelist, writer or a kind of it but from now, I will have some more respectful about their job. What a tiredly job.