The Lazy Song: The Anthem of our (Procrastination) Generation

When the laziness does come to you, whether you want to fight it or accept it, music has always a big impact for you to support your decision.

Well, congratulation if you are the one who choose to fight the laziness every time it comes to you. There are so many songs that you can listen to avert the possibility of you become a procrastinator.

But oppositely, if you’re on the way to accept that you’re a part of this procrastinated generation, don’t be so guilty for it. A recent study from the University of Carleton found that if you forgive yourself for procrastinating, chances are you will procrastinate less on the next task at hand.

But, how we could apologize for being a procrastinator? perhaps the answer is to realizing that there is a song about procrastinating–consisted with every procrastination and laziness element in it, could be one of the best-selling digital singles of 2011 and with sales of 6.5 million copies.

And this song also definitely having a cure for your guilty feeling.

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars consists all the procrastination element in both lyric and music arrangement. Even the process of making “The Lazy Song” began while Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, and Ari Levine were hanging around the studio and didn’t feel like working. It makes this song just very frank lyrically and musically due to the real feeling they had on that time.
Musical Arrangement and Video.

The song’s musically light and simple and having so much reggae beat influence. This song’s filled by massive ukulele guitar and electronic sound beat. It just gives procrastination at its best.

While the music video is also describing how hard and bad procrastination disease that Mars’ has. The video only took one continuously shoot from one camera’s angle and took place in a messy bedroom. Perhaps, the only thing who needs so much effort for making this music video is to train a group of chimps how to dance hip-hop collectively.
Lyric of the song

The conspicuous and to-the-point lyric is written by Bruno Mars as he impressed that being lazy in a whole day is not a bold wicked sin (except when you’re on the deadline day for the final examination). He gave us another perception about being lazy when he told in this song that it’s okay for doing nothing a whole day just when you felt that you want to, not because you have possible time for doing nothing.

This song’s also represented some college student procrastinators (like all of us(?)) in the second verse of the song. It indicates that doing procrastination is even worth even you have to delay getting your college degree and make your father wait for not uncertain time. But please, do consider the relative scale of calmness that a father has!
Remember, use this procrastinator anthem just to make you less guilty by knowing that procrastination has normally happened to many youngsters like us rather than you make this laziness anthem as the reason you don’t change your habit.

And if the recent study from the University of Carleton above about forgiving our procrastination habit doesn’t work, at least you should become the most creative procrastinator like Bruno Mars did.




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