I walk in the garden upon the blue skies, tweeting birds and a curve of the rainbow. My morning never be like this before, because this is the first time I see that stunning girl, sitting there, on the grass without worrying her skirt get dirty. Unconsciously, I stop walking. Still and rigid. I almost forget to breathe. But, I make her as my motivation for inhaling and back alive.
In the next stage, after being so hard dying for breathing, I took five paces toward her. But well, it still needs about dozen paces to get in there—the normal distance for someone can possibly talk, gently, with a girl. But, I still that is the best I can do. No more moving feet or maybe I will faint in the third continuing step.
Oh god, I know that the rainbow never touches the earth. So, she is. But let me see you in the next rain at least.

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