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A kind of autobiography.

As an innominate legend, it is a usual condition if all of you, the anonymous reader, don’t know who I am or even just to hear my name before. Rather, it is not important at all to know who I am. I am just another normally person who sleep at night and wake up because light. The exception is if the person, an innominate legend, becomes a legend from the unknown list. It’s rather important for you, the reader, to know me. It’s some advantage for you who read this autobiography or a kind of it. You know the ‘’legend’‘ before that ”legend“ becomes a true legend.

My name is Riva Perdana Sidi. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I was born at September 14th 1996. I am eighteen years old. I have interest for music and football and just don’t ask me my idea, please. But well, if you require me to answer that question, I will answer it. I just want to be a person that however, his presence can affect the world he lives on even just a little bit.

It’s been two paragraphs only I wrote. Well, now I am getting tired to pretend that I am a professional novelist, writer or a kind of it but from now, I will have some more respectful about their job. What a tiredly job.